Sell your Property by Auction

Today's seller wants a marketing solution that surpasses traditional methods to overcome the obstacles of a saturated marketplace and complacent buyers. Our Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP®) attracts more buyers by presenting them with the opportunity to purchase property at a price set in a fair, transparent bidding process.

Below are some of the benefits of selling with CORFACbid.

Velocity of Sale

An auction marketing campaign runs approximately 45 days leading up to a bid deadline, the date that creates a sense of urgency driving buyers to take action. Also, all bids are non-contingent, eliminating re-trading and lengthy negotiations to facilitate a quick closing.

Value Protection

Our two-part bidding process protects your property from negative exposure or lack of market response and yet encourages potential bidders to "put their best foot forward" with initial bids.

Top Market Price

The competitive bidding in an auction combined with our unique bid extension feature "Last Call" can deliver the best possible sale price. Typically, Last Call generates additional revenue beyond the initial bid deadline, which is where most other auctions end, because it allows interested buyers extra time to submit incremental bids when outbid and continues until the last dollar is placed on the table.

Have a Question?

  • Seller signs listing and addendum
  • Establish auction data: minimum bid, suggested value and bid deadline
  • Auction profile page is created by uploading property photos and due diligence material
  • Install auction signage on property
  • Update listing sites, create and distribute marketing materials
  • Dispatch print, email and web campaigns (dependent upon budget)
  • Monitor prospects activity and grade interest level in tracking system
  • Follow up with phone calls and emails to interested prospects
  • Conduct property tours
  • Bids are conveniently and securely placed online by prospective buyers
  • Last Call bid extension allows bidders to compete, achieving the highest possible sales price
  • Bids reviewed and winning bidder is notified
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed and Purchase Deposit is submitted to escrow within 2 business days
  • Sale closed in 30 days